Kolumbus Day in Amerikkka

Update. Available in DVD format via torrents. Some have experienced difficulty with the previously announced DVD offering of this video. Those problems have been resolved and a new DVD is available. Search mininova for the title: Amerikan Holiday

We will have more to say about Kolumbus. And we will especially have more to say about the $panish priest mentioned in the video, Bartolomé de las Casas.

For those who have diligently read our previous articles, the answer in advance is no, it won’t turn out that Kolumbus spoke the same language as Ward Churchill, or John Brown, or the German communists of 1945.

But it may well be that de las Casas did. It may just turn out that de las Casas shared some remarkable similarities with that white nationalist liberal, William Lloyd Garrison. Including the ability to speak a credible version of the language of the oppressed.

In the event things do turn out that way, we’re thinking of titling the article, “Why one 16th century religious colonialist was more politically advanced than all of today’s white nationalist “leftists” put together.” Sorta has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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